Plastic Parts & Technology s. r. o. is a Czech private firm. Its history goes back to 1927 when the metal working and tool making workshop of Mr. Seidl was founded at the site of actual company. This small workshop became a prosperous enterprise specializing in development, design and production of injection moulds for sheet pressing in automotive and packaging industry. In 2005 the company expanded its activities to plastic sheet production using injection moulding technology. Nowadays, it has got more than 115 employees including designers, programmers etc.

Plastic Parts & Technology s.r.o. offers the whole process of production from designing through processing of sheets to final production. Our manufacture of the mould and its further processing in customer´s own pressing shop is a matter of course. The company changed the customer portfolio after a takeover in 2002. It is now the direct supplier to automotive industry with customers in the EU, Great Britain, USA and Israel.

The firm has gone through major changes in last few years. New technologies and machines have been endowed by MPO and EU funds. Our long- term goal is also a production for packaging and medical industry.