Production of injection moulding tools according to our standards and under our design, technical and project supervision in our partner tool shop in China

Can you survive without a luxury limousine, but are happy with a top-quality executive car? Do you want to save money on tools without compromising quality, features or functionality? Or maybe you are in a hurry and need to deliver your first outlet pieces very soon, but you cannot afford to invest in prototype tools? You can choose to have your tools manufactured in our partner tool shop in China.

Production itself is carried out according to our standards and under our complete supervision, and very speedily. Any optimization after the importing of tools into Europe is carried out in our tool shop in the Czech Republic and we will provide you with a full warranty without any limitations. You can simply forget about all the disadvantages of making moulds in China and can only benefit from such advantages as production rate and price. We have a long-standing cooperation with our Chinese partners, so there is no risk for you. If you are interested, please contact our sales representatives; they will be happy to explain the whole process to you. Hand in hand, you can find the solution to suit your particular needs.